Breath-taking moments and a sensuously poetic show.

Welcome to the marvelous world of Cirque Bouffon!

CB_solvo_220x220pxInternationally renowned artists, sensational newcomers, lovable clowns and virtuoso musicians create in the new Cirque Bouffon’s show “solvo” a great work of art, celebrating thus the french circus philosophy of Nouveau Cirque.

Show-Trailer: Cirque Bouffon “solvo”

Allow yourself to be charmed into a sensuous and poetic experience with artistic high-performances and magic moments in a breath-taking and well-timed visual implementation. Fantastically beautiful costumes, spectacular acrobatics and graceful musical compositions kidnap young and old in a whole different world full of beauty, body art and imagination.

The international group of artists composed by performers from 8 different countries and led by French director Frédéric Zipperlin, pleasantly builds the bridge between classical and modern circus components, and play with the elements of performances circus, bizarre comedy, theater, dance and song.

The result is a wonderland full of touching poetry and magic that will captivate you.
“solvo” means liberation, and follows the idea of pausing for a moment and rediscovering yourself, of creating energy and bubbling lust for life. Another highlight is the specially composed music by Sergei Sweschinski. His wonderful compositions create the perfect setting for every single artistic presentation and tell in their own way the story of solvo.

Frédéric Zipperlin, former member of the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil, carries out together with Anja Krips and his company Cirque Bouffon a new kind of theater artistry with the philosophy of the French Nouveau Cirque.

“solvo” is an aesthetic work of art that brings the audience to marvel, laugh and dream.

A sensuous experience for the whole family!

All images from the highly acclaimed new show are available here: solvo-Galerie


13/12/17 – 14/12/17
Genève-Onex – Salle communale d’Onex – CH

15/12/17 – 16/12/17
Irigny (69) – Le Sémaphore – FR

19/12/17 – 21/12/17
La Roquette Sur Siagne (06) – Espace Culturel du Val de Siagne – FR

Soissons (02) – Le Mail – FR

23/03/18 – 25/03/18
Créteil (94) – Maison des Arts et de la Culture – FR


Adam Tomaszewski

Franziska Böhm
Sergey Lukashov
Sergej Sweschinski
Linda Sander
La Main S’affaire
Nataliya Nebrat
Evgeny Pimonenko
Regie: Frédéric Zipperlin