Cirque Bouffon presents its new show “nandou”.
The world premiere of the fifth creation of Cirque Bouffon is presented for the first time in Cologne. The time the French director Frédéric Zipperlin kidnaps the audience with his new staging into a new dimension of Nouveau Cirque.

Lovable clowns, aerialists, body artists and musical virtuosi guarantee a heart-touching work of art.
An exceptional scenery and internationally known artists and musicians create a universe full of poetry and joy of life, an experience for the whole family.

“A great experience for the whole family.” Kölner Rundschau

“Artistic body art and exceptional live music, a treat for everyone.” Kölner Express

“This is so beautiful, that it almost hurts!” Elderly lady after the show at the Spiegeltent in Odenthal.

“Anyone who thinks they have forgotten how to marvel and be enchanted, this is the place. And for all the other as well.” Neue Presse Hannover

„”So cuddly, heartwarming, angelic, fantastic, fabulous, just this better world.” Elisabeth from Cologne

“If everything is decelerated, everything is in flux – thanks for the nice idea.” Juliane from Cologne

“Poetic, funny, modern and simply stunning.” Rundschau

“A magical place full of acrobatics and art, for big and small people.” Kölner Stadtanzeiger

They still exist, the moments when you would want to die of happiness.” WAZ

“Really great show!” Kölner Express

Adam Tomaszewski
Natalie Nebrat
Rudik Yakhin
Anja Krips
Sergey Sweschinskij
Anatoli Akerman
Evgeny Pimonenko
Linda Sander
Daniella und Michal
Bert & Fred
Regie: Frédéric Zipperlin