Novo (2007)

Two clowns enter the circus tent carrying their luggage. They come out of nowhere and their journey leads them straight into the magic world of Cirque Bouffon with its new production “Novo”.

A steel moon stands in the middle of a paper-mountain that seems to be breathing and pulsing. Wondering go the clowns inside this parallel world and let themselves, piece by piece, fall in the spell. The musicians appear and the soft, haunting melody coming from the violoncellist girl sitting on the moon crescent condenses itself into an implacable sound world that becomes more and more inebriating and urgent. Feet and hands emerge from the paper landscape, just to dive in again right away. Time holds its breath and surrenders its tempo to Cirque Bouffon’s artists. The loveable protagonists fall deeper and deeper in the spell of the story of “Novo”. Together with the public they perambulate through this circus continent, this complete work of art made of circus, theatre, music and dance, a declaration of love to the French Nouveau Cirque. The production of “Novo” sets new standards – in connection before the old circus tradition, these “young wild ones” set off towards the future. The artists appear to overrule the gravity law. Body art presents itself at its highest artistic level, ever attended by live musicians. In fact, true art professionals have taken care of this production. Frederic Zipperlin, former member of the Canadian Cirque du Soleil, comes with a handful of “good friends” from the most prestigious houses and therefore, he succeeds in a real stroke of genius.

“It is fun again to go to the circus” (Kölner Stadtanzeiger)
“A real must not only for circus fans” (Express)
“Poetic, funny, modern and simply stunning” (Kölner Rundschau)

At the end of the evening, the clowns take the artists along with them into their “normal” world and let
the audience jubilantly back in the tent.


Frédéric Zipperlin

Juggler and artistic director – France

After finishing his education at the Ecole Nationale du Cirque Annie Fratellini in Paris, Frederic Zipperlin toured for three years with Cirque du Soleil through Canada, USA and Europe. He also won the bronze medal at the Festival Cirque de Demain in Paris and is founder of the Cirque Bouffon.

Edouard Neuman/Oleg Panukalin (The KGB Clowns)


The Russian KGB Clowns enchant their public since 1993. Their impressive international career throughout the Variete stages from Berlin to London, from Zurich to Sydney, has crowned them amongst others with the bronze medal at the Festival Cirque de Demain in Paris and the ARD German Variete Award.

Vincent Rebours

Climbing Dance / Acrobatics – France

The Frenchman Vincent Rebours has created a whole new sort of performance out of acrobatics and modern dance. In 2001 he created, together with his partner, the “Compagnie Tichobates”. He uses objects created by himself for his body art shows.

Jenifer Francois

Dance and flying trapeze acrobatics – France

Graduate of the circus school Le Lido Toulouse.

Anja Krips

Singer and Argentinean Bolas – Germany

Anja Krips studied acting, singing and dancing; for years she has taken part in several vaudevillian and theatre productions. She has sung and acted among others at the Dortmunder theatre and the WDR. She works as a choreographer for stage productions and teaches dancing and singing as well. In 2000 she created together with Frederic Zipperlin the Cirque Bouffon show “Varié d’été” at the Kölner Senftöpfchen.

Nataliya Nebrat

Dance and hand in hand acrobatics – Ukraine

Graduate of the circus school of Kiev. She won as well the bronze medal at the Belgian Festival “La piste aux espoirs”.

Aurore Liotard et antonie Thirion

Dance theatre and hand in hand acrobatics – France

Graduates of the circus school Chalons en Champagne.


Reiner Witzel

Musician – Germany

Reiner Witzel studied saxophone and flute in Cologne and New York. He has played all around the world with notable jazz, pop and world music bands (Gil Evans Orchestra, Fela Kuti, Marla Glen, amongst others) and released several albums. In addition to that he has composed for television and musicals.

Ludmila Witzel

Musician – Russia

Sergej Sweschinskij

Contrabass player and musical director – Ukraine

Sergej Sweschinskij studied contrabass and classical guitar at the Hans Eisler College in Berlin. He composed the score for various television and movies adaptations. He also composed the music for the stage show “Balagan”, by the Hamburger Fliegenden Bauten. For several successful years he was seen together with his Berliner band Trio Bravo on international stages and festivals.