Angell (2009)

Since February 2009 Cirque Bouffon and the GOP Entertainment Group have joined forces.

This cooperation found its origins in the common urge to break new ground and achieve new dimensions for the artistic theatre. Consequently to their work, both of them have reached great recognition for their pioneering role and outstanding artistic quality. It is thus a natural result that the GOP Variété Theatre, as one of the most successful vaudeville shows in Germany, and Cirque Bouffon, the best-known ambassador of Nouveau Cirque, work intensively together in the future.

At the heart of the conflict between individualism and community, between tradition and innovation, the common goal is to build a new vaudevillian world. The GOP Entertainment Group supports Cirque Bouffon in the creation, production and marketing of the show.
GOP’s philosophy of triggering desire, longing and emotions is placed in the centre of the development of this concept. The goal is to establish both products with their powerful performances in the international premium segment and increase their popularity.

The first common project is “Cirque Bouffon and GOP on tour”. Palma de Majorca, June 3rd 2009: this is where the premiere of Cirque Bouffon and GOP’s European tour takes place with their new show “Angell”. From June 3rd to July 12th “Cirque Bouffon and GOP on tour” is the cultural highlight of Palma’s culture summer.

This joint show “Angell” is based on the theme “angel trapped in a parallel world between heaven and hell”. High artistry, stunning costumes and fantastic music in the well-known style of both artists’ theatre promise the viewer an experience of a very special kind.

The creative team led by director Frédéric Zipperlin developed a new show, refining the philosophy of the Nouveau Cirque and distinguishing itself from other circus forms. Once again this international artists’ team succeeded to conceive a show that touches the viewer in their heart and takes them away to the magical world of Nouveau Cirque. Far from the mainstream, in a straightforward and thorough way, Cirque Bouffon and the GOP Entertainment Group get to offer the viewer an evening where all the everyday problems disappear.

The programme is perfectly balanced through the musical direction of the internationally renowned composer Sergej Sweschinskij, who created compositions of intoxicating intensity.

The result is a show that has managed to stand out from the ordinary circus everyday to create a whole artwork. A sensual experience and a show that makes one simply happy are guaranteed.