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Looking for a thrilling experience? Cirque Bouffon events!

With a concentrated experience of 20 years int he events and culture branch, we present to you today 4 new show-tools from the rich repertoire from Cirque Bouffon Events.

From short programmes with individual acts to feature-length presentations, we are able to offer you a custom-made programme to your show. By cleverly combining artistic elements and a consistent direction, Cirque Bouffon Events builds an arc of suspense that leads the viewer through a kaleidoscope of intense emotions.

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The strength of Cirque Bouffon Events lies in the soulful, sensitive integration of different skills to a successful and inspiring global staging that reaches the viewer’s heart and soothes it in his frenzy. Give us a call, we will be pleased to offer you a custom-designed package for your event.
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Boul & Voice

Juggling and live singing

With his magical performance, Boul – a former member of Cirque du Soleil – has been captivating his audience for years.

He enters the stage with his huge transparent sphere and lets the elements dance. Boul juggles with a variety of objects, such as stars, crystal balls, cubes and globes. His trademark is his distinctive act in which he juggles ping-pong balls with his mouth.

Boul is accompanied by the singer Anja Krips, who connects the world of sound with the world of objects through her extraordinary voice. Together since many years, this experienced team of artists carries out a totally new fusion of circus, theater and music world.

Bubble on water

The oversized water-gliding sphere

A huge ball, transparent and mysterious, slides gently over the water. Boul, The Sleeping Leprechaun, magically appears. Accompanied by insightful music he starts to wake up from his dream and discovers his environment in a fun way.

A small globe in his Bubble on Water is his toy. While the ball slides gently back into the darkness, the viewer finds it hard to wake up from this intense dreamlike experience. What remains is a vivified imagination and the incredible feeling of having been magically touched.

Magic Bubble

The huge snow ball.

With his Magic Bubble Frédéric Zipperlin created an extraordinary object.

This oversized snow globe can be installed indoor as well as outdoor. It can be closed and used purely as a presentation object, or it can also be provided with an airlock, so that it can be made accessible to the public.

Invisibly incorporated into the design, a set of fans make it possible to swirl inside the bubble various materials, such as artificial snow, styrofoam beads or feathers, creating thus fascinating and unforgettable effects.

Thanks to the great stability of the foundation, the presentation of even very heavy objects, such as a car, is possible.
The size of the presented object can go from a diameter of 2 to 6 meters.


Vocals, dance and argentinian Bolas.
A performance for the senses.

With her Bolas, the argentinian throwing weapon, and the argentinian tap dance Zapateo, Anja Krips inspires her audience and transports it into a frenzy of sounds, movements and rhythms.

With a completely new blend of percussion, dance and song, the artist delights her viewers. With her expressive, powerful and yet sensual performance, she shows how well women can master the art of Boleadoras.

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